CITC I – Lars Lerup Prize – Dripping link

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DRIPPING LINK – by Piangpim Thongsawang and Marzieh Gholami – 2011

This project is an investigation about the behaviour and principle of two natural material: Tissue and resin. Tissue can easily change into different shapes. It is made of wood fibers and composed of cellulose molecules. These individual fibers expand when moisture is absorbed and contract when moisture is released, resulting in uneven paper texture. Resin comes out from stem of some trees when they are cut or injured. It is a viscous liquid, composed mainly of volatile fluid terpenes, with lesser components of dissolved non-volatile solids which make resin thick and sticky. Some of then can be hard after times. To understand the self-organising principle whereby a soft material is being structured by another material, we did some experiments on several types of tissue papers and liquids. After observation of our experiments we found the interesting unique shape of tissue, both wet and dry. Because liquid goes into soft tissue and restructure the fibers, after drying it can be a strong material. Our goal is to apply the organising principle to projects that deal with the interaction between building and environment / people and architectural space.

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