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Cybernetification II: toward a sixth ecology
Festival für Digitale Kultur CTM, Berlin 2019
lecture on Vimeo

Interview for MusicMakers HackLab: Input III
Festival für Digitale Kultur CTM, Berlin 2019
lecture on Vimeo

Biological Computation of Physarum:
from DLA to spatial adaptive Voronoi
36th eCAADe Conference: Computing for a Better Tomorrow, Łódź University of Technology, Łódź, Poland 2018

Iskandar Puteri
Supercity 100 YC, 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture, Italy 2018

Gordon Pask’s ‘Cybernetic Theatre’: beyond tinkering with Architecture
AISB 2018 Symposium: Cybernetic Serendipity Reimagined, University of Liverpool, UK, 2018
Cybertalk on Vimeo

Cybernetics Architecture Information
Institute of Architecture and Media,
Graz University of Technology, Austria, 2018
Lecture on Vimeo

CyPhy // information form material
Animalesque Spring Talks, Public Debate, ANCB Berlin, 2018
Lecture on Vimeo

Keynote lecture at Corporeal Intervention #4: Work, Body and Leisure, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Zwolle, Netherlands, 2018

CONVERSATIONS. Cybernetics: state of the art
Book Launch joined by Prof. Dr. Paul Pangaro, Prof. Dr. Kristian Kloeckl, Prof. Dr. Omar Khan Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 2017

Introduction to Cybernetics and Architecture
Book Talk on Cybernetics: state of the art at studio Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York City, USA, 2017

A Cloud recycling Light
35th eCAADe 2017, La Sapienza Universita di Roma, 2017

Design, Innovation and AI – The Art of Conversations with Cybernetic ‘Aliens’
World Class New Work 2017, Frankfurt am Main, 2017
Lecture on Vimeo

Construction with Matter and Data
Technische Universität Darmstadt, in Digital Design Unit, Prof. Dr.-Ing. O. Tessmann, 2017

IoT - Theory and Design in the first object age or the temperamental Environment
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Berlin University of the Arts, Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF), 2017

Digital Pre-Fabrication – An urban Investment Strategy based in global Feedback
Pitch for 3rd party funding ‘Digital Industry’
European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Brussels, 2017

Technical Trickitalitie
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Architecture, 2016

Cybernetics Feedback Netgraft – inside the semiosphere | again
Leopold-Franzens Universität, Innsbruck, ioud Institute of urban Design, Prof. Peter Trummer, 2016

Cybernetics Feedback Network in Architecture
Zaha Hadid Architects, London, 2016
Lecture on Vimeo

Cybernetics Conference, TU Berlin
Welcome lecture at Cybernetics: state of the art, Technical University Berlin, IfA, Conscious City Lab, 2016

How to Biodigital 2.0
Digitales und Experimentelles Entwerfen und Konstruieren, University of Kassel, EEK Expeimentelles Entwerfen und Konstruktion, Prof. Stepper, 2016

Design Gestalten (Designing Design) - A talk about very small things
Digital Bauhaus Summit, Weimar, 2015
Trailer on Vimeo

Structural Feeling - It’s not Alice, but Wonderland
Transforming Systems through Design
International Society for Information Studies
IS4IS Summit Vienna 2014

Socio-Ecological Systems Design – Advancing tools, language and architecture
for Designing the Gestaltung of Systems
International Society for Systems Sciences
59th ISSS Berlin 2015

Semiosphere or Vegas and the Embodiment of Architecture
Nottingham Trent University, 2014
Lecture on Vimeo.  

Material and Operation
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Computational Architecture (Lecture Series)
Bauhaus Universität Weimar, 2014

Experimental Architecture
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Newcastle University, 2014

Computational Architecture
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Syracuse University, New York, USA, 2014

Clarifying the Matter – It’s a Phase Change not a Paradigm Shift
ESARQ, 2nd Conference on Biodigital Architecture & Genetics, Barcelona, 2014

[En]Coding Architecture
DIA - Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, 2014

Parametrics, Aesthetics and Architecture – A continuum
CalArts - California Institute of the Arts, Aesthetics and Politics, Los Angeles, USA, 2014

Semiosphere and Neurotecture or The Causation of Architecture
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, USA, 2013
Lecture on Vimeo

From Data Streaming to Patterns of urban Behavior and fabricated Form
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Technische Universität Berlin, ADIP Architecture Design Innovation Program, 2013

The Topography of Computational Architecture, in Light of 2nd Cybernetics
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DESCOMP: Computation Group, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 2013

Re-entry – The architectures of architecture and their eigenform
Alan H. Rider Distinguished Lecture, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, 2013

Towards A*cognitivist Architecture – A Cybernetic Note Beyond Parametricism
Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part 2
ICI - Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, 2013
Lecture on Vimeo

[En]Coding Architecture
Conference Opening lecture
[En]Coding Architecture 2013, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, 2013

Generative Design vs. Descriptive Modeling
DIA - Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, 2012

Material Behavior as Design Strategies
Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, 2011

Codes in the Clouds – Observing new Design Strategies
Berlin University of the Arts, Design Modeling Symposium Berlin 2011

Studio Codes in the Clouds – From Processing to Making
DIA - Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, 1st Digital Dialogue 2011

Design Strategies
Professorship lecture (Berufungsvortrag), Kunstuniversität Linz, space&designstrategies, 2011

Neurosciences as Design Strategy
Master Class Lecture, CANactions 2010, House of Architects, Kiev, Ukraine, 2010

before 2010

Emergent Systems or Algorithmic Boundaries
Primitive, Conference, University of Cardiff

Synergetic Material
Material Matters, Conference, University of East London

Crème Brulée and Zebra Stripes
University of Liverpool

On Concept in Architecture
University of Nottingham

On Architectural Models
University of Nottingham

On Dance and the Extension of the Body
University of Nottingham

Review and Competition Jury


Kentucky University Summer School, Jason Scroggin, ANCB Berlin                    


Cooper Union, Studio Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa, New York City, USA

Kentucky University Endpräsentationen WS2017, Kentucky University, Lexington, USA

Kentucky University Summer School, Jason Scroggin, ANCB Berlin                    

Archasm Wettbewerb, School without Classrooms Berlin Tempelhofer Feld                                                   


DIA, Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Studio Manuel Kretzer

Universität Innsbruck, externe Prüferin Diplomarbeiten

TU Delft, Studio Sang Lee ‘Berlin Samples’  - DAAD

University Kassel, eek, Studio, Prof. Stepper, M.Arch Timo Carl


ETH Zurich, Studio ‘Urban Think Tank, Prof. Hubert Klumpner, Prof, Alfredo Brillembourg

Technische Universität Berlin, Studio ‘Urban Design’, Prof. Raoul Bunschoten    

Ukrainian Design the very best of 2015                              

DIA, Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Hochschule Anhalt, Jury Member Lars-Lerup and  Robert-Oxman Prize, 2011-15

Nottingham Trent University, Master level

AA Summer Visiting School, Marianne Müller, Olaf Kneer, UDK Berlin

Syracuse University, Studio Lydia Kallipoliti, Syracuse, USA  

FIU, Florida International University, Studio Eric Goldemberg, Thesis, Miami, USA   


UCLA, IDEAS Lab, Los Angeles, USAAI: Architectural Intelligence, Studio Greg Lynn, Guvenc Ozel, Casey Reas

SAC, Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Specialization Studios J. Bettum, M. Becker, M. Miessen, post-graduate level

DIA, Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Dessau, Germany, Studio Neil Leach, Studio Gabriel Feld - post-graduate level

Carnegie Mellon University, Robots in Architecture, thesis, 5thyear


USC, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. Patterns Computation + Material Intelligence, Neil Leach, Biayna Bogosian

DIA, Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, Dessau, Germany

Studios Christos Passas – Zaha Hadid, Studio Matias del Campo,  post-graduate level

2002 - 2010 

Canactions, annual student competition, head of jury Kiev

Acabion Architecture Competition Lab Berlin, Student competition, head of jury, Berlin

University of Nottingham, UK, Studios Ulysses Syngupta, Adrian Friend,  3rd yr

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, Studio Baupiloten, S. Hoffmann, 5th yr<!--

University of Liverpool, Undergraduate, UK

Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Unit 24: Ana Betancour, Peter Hasdell, Unit 15: Nic Clear, 5th

lectures / symposium
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