Studio X

STUDIO X – Algorithmic experimentations

Students: Cosmos Bedzra, Tudor Cosmatu, Anastasia Globa, Alexander Kalachev, Claudia Maria Melendez Rivera, Xinyu Shi, Da Wan

Christos Passas, Yevgeniy Beylkin and Liss Werner

The studio examines unified and continuous compositions as a starting point but concentrates on diversified compositions that propose radical shifts, ruptures and discontinuities within the set framework; we are looking to discover a world beyond perfection, beyond the suffocation of prediction, patterned growth; we seek those instances where unity becomes discontinuous and the separateness becomes continuous.

The logic of governance and of established frameworks within which actions desires and fantasies are enacted is insufficient to grasp the totality of architecture. Here we seek those forms that debate orderliness and resist simplistic complexities to establish order; we seek the Other, that which pervades the real, the symbolic and the imaginary and their easy politicizations. Here we seek moments of ”free-ness”, order and messy-ness, form and formlessness, agitated-interwoven-entagled self-producing conditions and their architectural manifestations.

lectures / symposium
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