Global Dialogue Series: The Future of Cities and RMIT Alumni Meeting

Global Dialogue Series: The Future of Cities and RMIT Alumni Meeting curated by RMIT Europe hosted by Arup Berlin, 25. April 2017, Berlin.

“Are cities the problem or the solution when it comes to climate change? RMIT University and Arup invite you to ‘RMIT Global Dialogue Series: Cities of the Future’. Cities are now contributing to over 70 per cent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. But at the same time, they are also at the forefront of innovation in urban technology and climate-ready solutions. Cities are not only leading the way in adapting to a changing climate, they are also living urban laboratories, where experiments with green buildings, smart urban transport and new forms of civic engagement are pioneered. At this event for RMIT alumni in Berlin, Germany,  Associate Professor Hartmut Fünfgeld, researcher for RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research, and Dr Gereon Uerz, Foresight and Innovation Specialist at Arup, will discuss the future of cities by sharing examples of innovative and transformative actions taken by cities around the world to address climate change. This event will provide RMIT alumni with the opportunity to exchange ideas on current trends and solutions as well as contribute to the global agenda for the future of cities.”

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