Speculative urbanism

Speculative Urbanism
Technische Universität Berlin, Institute of Architecture
Chair of Sustainable Urban Design, Prof. Raoul Bunschoten

2017– The project ‘Speculative Urbanism’ discusses a possible way of the development of our cities in the time of constant information flow, implementation of robots in our day-to- day life and a vision of and for the future. Slawomir Klyszcz


Speculative urbanism is a design project about the future of our cities and world. It follows the philosophy of speculative realism (Hale, 2013) and Object Oriented Ontology (OOO) (Graham)


Harman, 2009) The research takes its beginning in science fiction literature and cinema, looking into how people imagined the future 100 year ago. I believe that the development of new technologies and constant information flow requires a redefinition of our current understanding of the world. The research suggests speculative realism and object orientated ontology as approaches to for the post-digital time coming. The design project accompanying the research proposes a system of moveable housing units hovering above our current cities, joint together and connected to City Docking Station units. The design project is equipped with robots using pattern recognition to maintain the system. The new system of housing is fully integrated with existing city fabric, able to learn and to reiterate itself.

Keywords. cybernetics; computational fabrication; modular components; machine learning; second order cybernetics; robots; pattern recognition; speculative realism; Object Orientated Ontology; OOO; science fiction; sci-fi, Solaris; Westworld; Graham Harman; Stanislaw Lem, AI

lectures / symposium
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