‘A Cloud recycling Light’

‘A Cloud recycling Light’ is part of our cybernetic building systems research focusing on ‘Cyberphysical Systems and Intelligent Building Components’, developed at TU Berlin.

The project investigates in a customised component structuring a composite of fibreglass-bioplastic-material through the integration of structuring fibres (in the prototype made of Sisal) and glass-fibre strands. The strands feed on existing light-sources in order to illuminate darker areas in the urban and rural environment. Activation is triggered through movement lighting dark paths for safe trespassing. This new component of the intervention is mainly made of an organic membrane – bio plastic and paper, two low-cost and common materials, and allows a big scale production. It uses the existing light and leads it through an apparently random network of optical fibres. First hand made, the final prototype aims to be CNC produced while using a pattern recognition process for placing the structuring fibres. Integrating even slight differences on the site leads to an infinite variety of final form. The process enables this element to inhabit the city on an urban scale offering high performance.

Slawomir Klyszcz, Clément Bacquet


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