LCW jury at AA summer school – Berlin take away

Berlin Take Away – Building Laboratory at the UdK, University of the Arts Berlin
1. – 9. August 2014

Jury members and teachers:

Norbert Palz, professor, Berlin University of the Arts
Sven Pfeiffer, architect, Berlin
Fran Cottell, artist, London
Chris Pierce, Architectural Association London
Robert Thum, professor, FH Trier
Martina Bauer, Barkow Leibinger Architects, Berlin
Tanja Siems and Theo Lorenz, AA Interprofessional Studio
Liss C Werner, DIA Dessau
Carson Chan, editor and architectural journalist, Berlin
Jens Casper, Marianne Mueller & Olaf Kneer, architects, Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Berlin is a transformed city. For several years in a row, AA Berlin Laboratory has been documenting the changing landscape of Berlin and its relation to the experiment, indentifying Berlin’s special status as a city of extraordinary conditions, a heterotopia’ or counter-site.

In 2014, AA Berlin Laboratory will move on. We will say ‘good bye’ to reflection and embrace projection and real life experimentation. This time, we will construct our own temporary utopia: 25 students from 25 different back-grounds, 25 ideas for a temporary space, 1 physical structure to be built in 9 days and 9 nights.

In a colloborative, interactive and open ended building process we will construct a 1:1 prototype in the public spaces of the University of the Arts. A mock-up or physical structure, a type of folly or Merzbau. A sketch for a space developed through a speedy competition. A construction process that will take time and negotiation. An ongoing building laboratory.
The structure will exist in a series of temporary states, house events and support the public programme. It will subsequently be dismantled and taken away by its participants. Both construction and dismenteling process form integral part of the design.

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