erotic interdependency

Masterclass Lecture
Title: Canactions 2010

Place: The House of Architects, Kiev
Date: 28th April 2010

Within the talk I will present some of my theories that suggest connections and combinations of brain-functions related to designing / deciding architect and his or her work in a cultural and social context. In this context I am suggesting that we as architects can develop new design strategies through the knowledge of neuro-sciences and working interdisciplinary with neuro-scientists on our projects. […] The lecture focuses on the act, the physical and erotic act, of conscious and unconscious decision-making during the architectural design process – independent of a plastic or virtual outcome, independent of the clients wishes, independent of economic or political circumstances.

I am talking about the process of decision-making in the human brain – conscious and un-conscious. A process of electrified neurons, firing information. In order to place the subject within the architectural realm I will look at decision-making and the architectural design-process using examples and case studies of the past and juxtaposing them to projects currently on the drawing boards or under construction. We are looking at parallels of thought processes. And how our current thought processes have their origin in the already thought. Also we are looking at the physicality of decision-making in the human brain. Decision making as a combination of knowledge (Epistomology) and physicality. Also we are briefly looking at how knowledge (epistemology) and perception of space (phenomenology) merge. During the entire talk questions relating to the basis and methods that “digital architects” use to make decisions are being discussed on a subliminal level. Recent research related to cognitive sciences and neuro-aesthetics combined with theories of cybernetics + architecture and human learning will allow a brief insight into the explanation of decision-making and a possible understanding of our future built environment, an environment that you as the architects of the future will shape.


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