Exhibition at Zweitbester – Vienna


Stretching the Culebra Cut – Eine virtuelle Differenzmaschine
at ZWEITBESTER, 1040 Vienna
10th April 2012 – 07th Mai 2012
an architecture of difference and cybernetics.

an architecture species residing in the landslides of Greek mythology

synergetic material stretching along the Culebra Cut.

The project discusses the superimposition of the event in Greek mythology: the rape of Persephone into the Hades, triggered by picking a daffodil, and an actual transpiring event, the landslides during the first construction phase of the Panama Canal end of the 19th century. ‘Stretching the Culebra Cut‘ is an anthropomorphic system. It forms two encountering colonies of aesthetics through conversation and technology and creates undefined regions of sliding material and topography. A strategy to pair mechanical with digital 3D-modelling. 2-dimensional ink drawings were transformed into 3D-models, whose surfaces got wrapped in images deriving from historical reality and finally interwoven to arrive at a synthetic landscape.