at ANCB, Pfefferberg, Berlin
17th June 2011, 10am

The event was part of the studio ‘Creative Quarters’ at DIA, that dealt with the emergent pop-up of informal spaces out of ‘nothing’. The studio researched how economical, social and political systems can be regarded as the code for human behavior. The event brought all five participating universities who previously undertook workshops at ANCB on themes relating to creative quarters, informal actions and temporary spaces and planning and guest critics together’to share the results of their respective workshops and discuss the scope and limitations of architecture in the creative cities agenda. In discussion with invited critics participating universities presented the achievements of their workshops – in design, and in general learning – and assist ANCB in having a thorough and honest exchange on these popular workshop topics. Together, we set out how this work can be built-upon in future workshops at ANCB, through a series of specific questions and associated outline project briefs.’ (ANCB website).
Exhibition: June 17th, June 20th, June 21st, 10am-6pm, ANCB

DIA Students
Mostafa Abdle Hakem
Una Breathneach H-Lfeanain
Mateusz Cyganek
Prabidhi Dixit
Selma Koudsi
Scott McColl
Piangpim Thongsawang
Larisa Tsvetkova

Participating Universities
Ecole Special D’Architecture,Paris,
led by Karsten Huneck, Bernd Trümpler
Dessau Institute of Architecture
led by Liss C Werner, Prof. Johannes Kister
htwk Leipzig,
led by Prof. Marina Stankovic, Tobias Jortzick
Nagoya City University,
led by Ito Yashiyuko
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,led by Michael Roper, James Staughton

Guest Critics
Michael Künzel Berlin Senate, Department for Urban Development
Petra Wollenberg Leyk Wollenberg Architects, Professor Hochschule Lausitz
Heike Överman Architect, current PhD research on transformation of industrial areas through cultural heritage and creative economy

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