Publication in “The psychopathologies of cognitive capitalism”

a cybernetic note beyond parametricism- or the self-informing machinery
in ‘The Psychopathologies of Kognitive Capitalism: Part Two’

Edited byWarren Neidich
Coordinating editor Nicola Guy
Proofreading by Theo Barry-Born
Designed byArchive Appendix, Berlin Printed by Erredi, Genovag.
ISBN 978-3-943620-16-0
P. 293-312

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Published byArchive Books, VOX Series, 2013
Dieffenbachstraße 31
10967 Berlin

This book collects together extended papers that were presented at The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part Two at ICI Berlinin March 2013. This volume is thesecond in a series of book that attempts to broaden the definition of cognitive capitalism in terms of the scope of its material relations,mespecially as it relates to the conditions of mind and brain in our new world of advanced telecommunication, data mining and social relations.It is our hope to first improve awareness of its most repressive characteristics and secondly to producean arsenal of discursive practices with which to combat it.