A cloud recycling light

Publication in ShoCK! – Sharing Computational Knowledge! – Fioravanti, A, Cursi, S, Elahmar, S, Gargaro, S, Loffreda, G, Novembri, G, Trento, A (eds.), Proceedings of the 35th eCAADe Conference – Volume 1, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy, 20-22 September 2017, pp. 699-708


The paper focuses on the question “How does our built environment, urban culture and architectural production change through humans feeding back into digital systems of pre-fabrication and systems fostering industry 4.0?” It discusses some risks and possibilities of digitisation and the city in an era of sustainability, networked design methods, production processes and digital communication tools in the midst of The Internet of Things. Glimpses into the case studies ‘a cloud recycling light’, ‘dynamic field feedback’ and ‘urban rigid origami switch’ discuss the impact of material behaviour, human and machine feedback into digital systems – their behaviour, their ways of communication, the possibility of optimising future design iterations and their form. All of which may result in new architectural and urban typologies, driven by increasingly agile ways of weaving together complex systems.

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