Construction with matter and data

Lecture at DDU – Digital Design Unit, chair of Prof. Oliver Tessmann, TU Darmstadt, 5:30pm, El-Lissitzky-Straße 1, Darmstadt CONSTRUCTION WITH MATTER AND DATA

School without classrooms

Liss C. Werner acts as jury member for the archaism competition School without Classrooms Berlin at Berlin. “Design a new way of learning in schools- that changes the functioning system of the present-day school typology. The competition seeks to radicalize the school system through architecture not only in terms of improving the quality of study environment but revamping the system and …

LCW at Making Spaces, Berlin

Making Spaces – Diners Discussions 23 June 2017, Niche Berlin Making Space is funded by PERSPEKTIVE – FONDS POUR L’ART CONTEMPORAIN & L’ARCHITECURE Curated by niche, Berlin, Stefanie Gerke, Nele Heinevetter, Katharina Beckmann

Dynamic field feedback

‘Dynamic Field Feedback’ is part of our cybernetic building systems research focusing on ‘Cyberphysical Systems and Intelligent Building Components’, developed at TU Berlin. Watch the making of ‘Dynamic field feedback’ is a structure developed through the application of the software packages ‘Processing’ and ‘Grasshopper’ aiming at an intriguing change of the micro environment based on human, climatic and noise behaviour …