LCW at dinner talk, Berlin

Making Spaces – Diners Discussions 23 June 2017, Niche Berlin Funded by PERSPEKTIVE – FONDS POUR L’ART CONTEMPORAIN & L’ARCHITECURE

Speculative urbanism

2017– The project ‘Speculative Urbanism’ discusses a possible way of the development of our cities in the time of constant information flow, implementation of robots in our day-to- day life and a vision of and for the future. Slawomir Klyszcz ABSTRACT Speculative urbanism is a design project about the future of our cities and world. It follows the philosophy of …

Liss C. Werner lecture at ioud Innsbruck University

Lecture at ioud, Innsbruck University, 29 November 2016, 2pm, Technikerstraße, Innsbruck Thanks to Prof. Peter Trummer, Institute for Urban Design, for inviting me. The lecture investigates the creation of architecture using digital means through a lens of overlapping knowledge spaces and interactions – mainly by instrumentalizing the Internet with its multitude of open source and information source locations. […] The …

Liss C. Werner lecture at ZHA

Lecture at ZHA, 10. November 2016, 6pm, Bowling Green Lane, London EC1 CYBERNETICS FEEDBACK NETWORK – ARCHITECTURE

LCW – external examiner at TU Innsbruck

Two days of Diploma- and Master exams, School of Architecture, TU Innsbruck, October 2016. Professors and examiners include Marjan Colletti, Peter Trummer, Stefano De Martino, Bart Lotsma, Olaf Gipser u.v.m. Webseite Prüfungsablauf