LCW at dinner talk, Berlin


Making Spaces – Diners Discussions 23 June 2017, Niche Berlin Funded by PERSPEKTIVE – FONDS POUR L’ART CONTEMPORAIN & L’ARCHITECURE

Conference at TU Berlin – Cybernetics: state of the art ­


A conversation and conference to review and preview cybernetics as design strategy in computational architecture, urban design and socio­ecological habitats ­natural and artificial. Let’s discuss if a difference can be registered at all. During the last decade Cybernetics has awaken its Snow­White sleep, ready to be understood, embraced and established as a science to design. The international conference reviews and …

LCW on Biodiversity 0.2 at 59th ISSS

ISSS Berlin BiodiversityFT

Biodiversity 0.2 – a smart invertebrate or computing the wild life city in the Anthropocene “Biodiversity 0.2 – a smart invertebrate or computing the wild life city in the Anthropocene” suggests design principles for creating a future habitat for all species, including organic, human, animal and computational devices. The latter describing a rather novel and advancing typology. The concept of …

LCW co-chairs track at 59th ISSS Berlin


This track intends to help advance a sound epistemology and methodology for systems design. In cooperation with the SIG Research Towards a General Theory of Systems and other tracks insights we investigate the interdependencies of natural – social – technological systems to develop appropriate design competencies for future oriented thrivable ecologies. We work at the interface of science – humanities …