Liss C. Werner lecture at ioud Innsbruck University


Lecture at ioud, Innsbruck University, 29 November 2016, 2pm, Technikerstraße, Innsbruck Thanks to Prof. Peter Trummer, Institute for Urban Design, for inviting me. The lecture investigates the creation of architecture using digital means through a lens of overlapping knowledge spaces and interactions – mainly by instrumentalizing the Internet with its multitude of open source and information source locations. […] The …

Liss C. Werner lecture at ZHA

Cybernetics Liss C Werner Talk at ZHA

Lecture at ZHA, 10. November 2016, 6pm, Bowling Green Lane, London EC1 CYBERNETICS FEEDBACK NETWORK – ARCHITECTURE

Conference at TU Berlin – Cybernetics: state of the art ­


A conversation and conference to review and preview cybernetics as design strategy in computational architecture, urban design and socio­ecological habitats ­natural and artificial. Let’s discuss if a difference can be registered at all. During the last decade Cybernetics has awaken its Snow­White sleep, ready to be understood, embraced and established as a science to design. The international conference reviews and …

Design gestalten <> a talk about very small things


Talk as part of the Digital Bauhaus Summit, Weimar 2015 In 1995 Nicholas Negroponte stated that the “The change from atoms to bits is irrevocable and unstoppable”. 30 years later we may re-view Negroponte’s statement and claim that the merging from atoms and bits will perpetuate further with the advent of smart skin and wearable computers. The body as physical …